martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

Life is hard when...

-A little girl doesn't have the fancy dolls but one old taken out of the garbage, with one arm and one leg, yet that girl can dream they both are princesses in a imaginary castle.
-A boy just have a pair of old shoes that use for going to school, to the birthday parties, to play soccer and to go to church.
-A student has to sacrifice hours of sleep for working even extra hours to get the little paycheck that will allow him to finish college. Yet the pursue of the dream, tasting the humble and joyful moment of getting a diploma, encourages him to walk probably the 5 miles to school.
-When a mother sacrifices everything by working even 3 jobs daily and even though still have time to tell old stories to her kids at night, to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next day for the whole family, to do the laundry and ironing. The touch of the tiny hands soothe the tension and stress and gives her strength to keep going on.
-Mom and Dad have to eat less to let their kids have more meal, and those kids will eat everything without complaining and thinking they are lucky to have a slice of bread to share.
-Any person that has a plan and it did not come out as thought, and because of his or her fault but because nobody can predict what future holds, still that person has faith and arises not only one time but thousands until accomplish the goal.
-Everything is nice in the family, then suddenly one dies. Those hearts and spirit have to go through a very hard phase, but then God sends them the support they needed but weren't expecting.
-A child gets so sick  suddenly and mom and dad wish to have the power to heal him and free him from the pain.
-When a doctor loses a patient due to death, when a lawyer loses a case when she or he was fighting for good reasons, when the businessman gets deceived, when a pastor sees his own son or daughter rebelling not against him but God...
-Any kid at any orphanage at any place in the world cries silently and wish to have a home, with a mom, a dad, and a pet to love.
I can number many reasons to say "Life is Hard", but I rather to say that Life still is wonderful and is worthy to live it. We weren't promised to have a field of shiny fairies around us all the time and live our 1 life in this earth on false and hopeless foundations. The good thing of any human being is that, in the capabilities and talents the person has, can give a hand to others to make the burden lighter, to bring a smile in the kid that needs a new pair of shoes, or to honor the mother that multitasks daily. If you believe in fairies, be yourself the enchanted fairy that will make of this place in earth the best journey for others and for yourself. But as for me, I am just me, a fighter, a person who loves to meet challenges and to talk to God about everything, to wake up in the morning and give him Thanks for another day of life, and to tell him that I already know that he is just there with me... everywhere, and to give me vision to serve others in the best I can. I do not deserve such love but there He is, as He promised.

- By Priscila Wilke
(Forgive my grammar mistakes, please correct me. I wrote this note based on situations I have witnessed myself and some of them lived in my own family, I am just grateful to my parents that, when they could have given me everything, they decided to show me reality and prepared me to fulfill my mission while I am alive. I still have a long way to go through!)


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Algunos temas que he escrito han surgido a traves del diario encuentro con la realidad, todo lo que se recibe por la radio, TV o periódico, o con las conversaciones diarias que tengo con mis amigos y familia. Expreso mi libre pensamiento así como todos son bienvenidos a dejar sus opiniones. Nótese que aquel comentario que contenga expresiones incultas será eliminado. Soy partidaria de conservar el respeto mutuo sin importar el país, la raza, cultura o religión. Benito Juarez dijo que "El derecho ajeno es la paz".

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